About us

Cegelec a. s. is part of the multinational VINCI industrial group which is based in France and is one of the subsidiaries of VINCI Energies (Power & Mobility division). Cegelec a. s. has its headquarters and production facilities in Prague, Czech Republic, and it proudly continues the tradition of the development of electrical propulsion systems, which was created in the past by the ČKD Polovodiče (CKD Semiconductors) factory.

Today, the company is engaged in the development and production of electrical equipment primarily for public transport and focused on trams, trolleybuses, metros, commuter railways etc. At the same time, the company also deals with the delivery of fixed traction equipment (substations, battery power stations). Our speciality, together with our partners, is the modernization of older rolling stock. In the field of e-mobility, we are able to design a turnkey transport system solution from the power supply and construction of the infrastructure, to delivery of the vehicles and operation of the system.

Our goal is to offer cutting-edge solutions that fully meet the needs of our customers. Cegelec’s electrical equipment has a high operational reliability, close to 100%, and has a long operational life. Proven solutions are designed for both AC and DC drive vehicles. We strive to provide each partner with a tailor-made solution that exactly matches their requirements.

Over the years our plant has produced traction and auxiliary converters for more than 70 customers in over 20 countries. Nowadays, our electrical equipment is installed in about 5000 public transport vehicles.

Brief history of the company

  1. 1956

    The company ČKD Elektrotechnika (CKD Electrotechnics) started with the development of semiconductor components.

  2. 1963

    The independent company ČKD Polovodiče (CKD Semiconductors) was established for the development of semiconductors. The company delivered components for the first Czechoslovak trams and trolleybuses with semiconductors electrical equipment.

  3. 1990

    The company is renamed ČKD Polovodiče Praha (CKD Semiconductors Prague).

  4. 1992

    The French company Cegelec, which was founded as Compagnie Générale d’Entreprises Électriques (CGEE) in 1913, acquired the CKD Semiconductors company, Prague, division of propulsion and automation. From this time the name Cegelec ČKD was used.

  5. 1999

    The French parent company was renamed from Cegelec to Alstom and the former name of the company disappeared for a few years. The first new electrical equipment for the tram, named TV Progress, was created under the Alstom brand.

  6. 2001

    Following a leveraged management buyout the company’s name returned to being Cegelec (without ČKD)

  7. 2010

    Cegelec became part of the VINCI Energies multinational group, Power & Mobility division.