Aktivity Cegelec a.s.


Cegelec a.s provides complex designs of electrical equipment for the municipal mass transit. Traction equipment
supplied under the TV Progress (drives of DC motors) and TV Europulse (drives of AC motors) trade marks is
applied for the refurbishment of obsolete tramcars, trolleybuses and metro cars as well as for the new ones.

Advantages of the Cegelec equipment applications:

       » improvement of the traction motor control through IGBT transistors
       » higher independence from the supply network parameters
       » no need of contact elements (e.g. contactors)
       » container construction saving labour at the installation of equipment into the
       » electricity savings (up to 40 %)

Cegelec a.s. offers a supervisory microprocessor distributed control and diagnostic system for both new and refurbished vehicles. The system enables more complex functions to be implemented, fast response of I/O control circuits, reduction in numbers of devices in control circuits of the vehicles, extensive diagnostics of the vehicle including failure records in the memory and others.
Besides electrical and electronic equipment for the traction vehicles Cegelec a.s. , in cooperation with Cegelec Transportation France, participates in supplies for the transport infrastructure.
Currently developed complex drive with the energy storing system – supercapacitors will make the utilization of the regenerated energy far more effective.