ESS Energy Storage System

The system serves for the utilization of braking energy in municipal mass transit.

Electric energy saving

     Braking vehicle generates electrical energy. In case that there is no other vehicle
     in the supplying section to consume the generated energy, it is wasted in a form
     of heat in the brake resistor. Using the ESS installed in the substation or in the
     container by the tracks of municipal mass transit system this energy is accumulated
     in supercaps and then   supplied to the accelerating vehicle. 

Stabilization of the overhead line voltage

      High consumption of electric energy in the vehicle  results in the voltage decline in
      the long overhead line which can put the vehicle out of operation.  ESS installed
      in the problem point supplies the energy accumulated in supercaps to the overhead
      line  and thus minimizes the undervoltage.   

Advantages of the Energy Storage System:

     Saving electrical energy  through the utilization of vehicle braking energy
     Stabilization of the overhead line voltage
     Modularity of solution
     Easy installation of the equipment
     Not dependant on the high voltage network
     Not dependant on the traction substation
     High charging and discharging performance due to  supercap technology
     Regular  evaluation of electrical energy savings using data remote transmission

Energy Storage System has been declared by jury the winner of the prestigious scientific journal "L'Usine Nouvelle" in the category of sustainable transport at 19.5.2015.