Information on processing personal data of customers and suppliers

Based on Regulation EU 2016/679 (hereinafter GDPR only) we communicate your information about processing data of our customers and suppliers about our commercial activities.

When trading with a company who is a legal person, it concerns contact information about customer/supplier persons we are in contact with.

In case of natural persons, it concerns personal data of the company—natural person and contact information about customer/supplier persons we are in contact with.

These are data we need for the fulfilment of contract or order, subsequent invoicing and solving potential complaints. We also work with contact information of persons that we need in our legitimate interest for the organization of deliveries.

In accordance with VAT Act we must archive the invoicing data for 10 years.

For the purpose of our legitimate interest in accordance with Act No. 480/2004 we used the contact data also for sending e-mail offers or bid requests. Sending such messages can be rejected.

You have right to their copy, correction, deletion, restricted processing, to file objection, to withdraw approval and file complaint.

The administrator of personal data is CEGELEC a.s., address: Chodovská 3, Praha 4, PSČ 141 00.

Contact to person responsible for personal data protection: hyrman@cegelec.cz, tel.: 271 003 378

1. Contact data

The administrator of personal data is CEGELEC a.s., address: Chodovská 3, Praha 4, PSČ 141 00.

Contacts on person responsible for personal data protection: hyrman@cegelec.cz, tel.: 271 003 378

2. Chart of personal data processing


Name of processing Purpose of processing Category of personal data Legal title Specification of legal title Storage time Further recipients Data source
Data for order, contract To ensure deliver of order, contact Contact and invoicing data Selection process Until deleted from the list of customers and suppliers none Data subject
Processing accounting documents posting Contact and invoicing data Legal obligation VAT Act 10 years Data subject
Processing personal questionnaire Preparation of work agreement Identification and contact data Contract fulfilment Work agreement During the validity of work agreement none Data subject

3. Explanation of the chart and processing

Legal titles – legal reasons for processing, are defined in GDPR regulation, articles 6 and 9.

Data retention period – the period for which we are authorized or obliged to process and store your data.

Further recipients – here we state further recipients whom we hand over the data. If there is „none “, it means that we do not hand over the data to anybody else.

Data source – here we state from whom we received the personal data. If „Data subject“is indicated, it means that we received the data directly of the person concerned.

We do not intend to submit your data out of the EU or to some international organization.

If the data processing is based on legal title „Contract conclusion or fulfilment “, we need your personal data for the conclusion of contract and its subsequent fulfilment without which the contract cannot be concluded.

If the data processing is based on legal title „Legal obligation “, we need to process your personal data on the bases of legal requirements for the period required by the given law. During this period, the processing cannot be restricted or deleted.

Your personal data will be processed only for purpose specified in the chart.

4. Description of data subject rights

As the data subject (natural person whose data are processed) you have the following rights to your personal data:


Right Specification

To demand copy​


It is a copy of data we keep on you, so called access right.

The copy will be made in a format depending on our possibilities. You have the right to demand the copy in the format specified by you.

The only exception when the copy cannot be made is in case that the publication of the documents will threaten rights and freedom of other persons, i.e. personal data of other persons, protection of business secret, intellectual property etc.)


To demand correction


If you find out that the data we keep on you are inaccurate, obsolete or incomplete, ask for their correction of completion.


To demand deletion


The deletion must be made in case that the personal data are kept after the given retention period or if their legal title is not valid.

The deletion cannot be legally made in cases when the data processing is carried out based on legal title Contract fulfilment or Legal obligations.


To demand restriction of data processing


It relates to the processing based on legitimate interest

The processing is restricted in case that objection is raised and the restriction will last during the time the objection is handled.


To raise objection against processing


The objection can be raised in case that the processing is performed on grounds of legitimate interest.

The objection against sending commercial communications will always be recognized.

In case of mentioning your name or other contact data to provide services, the possibility of their misuse is almost excluded and for this activity it is necessary. Therefore, we consider our legitimate interest prevailing of objections are not recognized.

5. How to exercise the rights

If you want to exercise some of these rights, you can submit the request in the following way:

Personally, in company seat or electronically with the verification of identity – see below. At the date of completion, you will receive, after repeated verification of your identity, the Notification of the result of your request and related materials.

We are authorized to charge a fee for administrative costs if more than one copy is required.

Operations connected with the exercise of rights are carried out free of charge.

If, however, the requests are found obviously unreasonable and inadequate, particularly because they are repeated, then we can:
a) To impose adequate fee covering administrative costs
b) To reject the request

If you want to submit your request electronically:
a) Send it by e-mail to hyrman@cegelec.cz with valid electronical signature; it cannot be recognized without this verification of identity.
b) Or send it from your data box to data box: t6zdckd

Insert the following data:
1) Identification data – first name, surname, birthdate
2) Exercise of which right you ask for – see chapter Description of data subject rights
3) Specification of request – e-g. In case of data correction
4) Telephone – for potential specifications and for the agreement on further procedure

In case of doubts about your identity, we are authorized to ask you for additional information confirming your identity.