IMS Policy


Cegelec a.s. as an important supplier of solutions for municipal mass transit and e- mobility offers

• supplies of traction drives, control systems and electrical equipment designed for municipal mass transit, their designs, installations, com missioning, maintenance and service,
• designs and supplies of solutions for charging infrastructure in e- mobility.

Since 2010 Cegelec has been a member of multinational group Vinci Energies, one of major players on the infrastructure and transportation, industry, services and ICT markets. The Group has currently more than 65 400 employees and is active in 51 countries worldwide. Vinci Energies, member of French group VINCI. Vinci Energies CZ s.r.o is the sole shareholder of Cegelec a.s.

An integrated management system involving the quality management, environment protection and occupational health and safety protection has been created, documented, applied, maintained and established in compliance international standards CSN EN ISO 9001, CSN EN ISO 14001 and CSN OHSAS 18001. All requirements of all these standards have been met.

The system includes all processes and activities performed on company premises and all activities of the staff who works and is managed by the company beyond its premises. The system also includes the management of processes provided externally.

To maintain and improve the system the company management issues the following IMS policy:

• Meeting customers´ requirements, needs and expectations is Company´s main objective and priority that is to be achieved. We shall use environment-friendly methods and procedures that are safe for both our employees and environment.

• Within our integrated control system not only buyers of our products and services are reckoned as our customers but generally anyone who is influenced by company results or consequences of company´s and its staff´s activity. The needs of customer thus defined are specified by legal requirements for environment protection and occupational health and safety observance of which is a matter of course for us. Requirements of other interested parties will be considered.

• We shall take every effort to reduce potential negative impacts of our activities on the environment as well as the extent of risks, even over and above the frame of the legal rules. Preventive approaches shall be preferred.

• We shall also pay attention to the environment protection in companies cooperating with us.

• To reach this objective we have built up an integrated management system. We are aware of the importance this system has for our company to be effective and successful. We follow the principle of continuous improvement and undertake to maintain this system, to develop it and further improve so that it would guarantee quality improvement of our products and services and performance in the field of environment protection and occupational health and safety protection. We undertake to create and provide necessary resources and technical facilities.

• We shall respond flexibly to changes in legal rules, to new technical knowledge, to technical development and changes in expectations and needs of our customers and to further requirements related to the field of our activities.

• We shall place emphasis on staff upskilling representing an important factor that influences the quality of our products and provided services as well as on their motivation as an important impulse for company further development.

• Using active internal and external communication tools we shall reach good awareness of requirements and fulfilment of this policy, of company activities and its plans within our staff, existing and potential business partners and other interested parties.


In June 2019 has been successfully passed routine surveillance audit of Integrated Management System according to EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

In July 2019 has been successfully passed recertification audit of railway vehicle welding systems according to EN 15085-2.