Company profile


Cegelec a.s. is currently a major player in the supplier´s market offering solutions for municipal mass transit and also a traditional partner in supplies of traction equipment and accessories for tramcars, trolleybuses and metro cars.

Company establishment and its experience date back to the 1992 when Cegelec Corporate/France acquired shares of CKD Polovodiče, A.S., Division of Electric Drives and Automation. This way Cegelec joint stock company was established with the head office in Prague that specialized in designs, production, deliveries, implementation and service of electric drives for municipal mass transit vehicles with references from 21 countries and 68 cities.

Cegelec a.s. continues with the production program taken over from CKD Praha and concentrates on its own development and design activities as well.

To reach its strategic objectives Cegelec a.s. cooperates with both transport authorities and vehicle producers. Transport authorities of Prague, Ostrava, Liberec, Brno, Plzen, Olomouc, and Chomutov belong to the most important ones. More than a half of its production is intended for export to Germany, Austria, Sweden, Poland, France, Slovakia, Ukraine, Baltic countries, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, former states of Yugoslavia etc.

Cegelec a.s. received certificates for the quality management system complying with CSN EN ISO 9001, for the environment management system complying with CSN EN ISO 14001 and for the occupational safety and health management system complying with CSN OHSAS 18001.

Since the year 2010 Cegelec has been a subsidiary of the French company VINCI Energies, division Power & Mobility.