Trolleybuses and In-Motion-Charging Trolleybuses

Trolleybuses are the most efficient solution for electromobility in cities and areas that are not suitable for rail system construction. The trolleybus is an electric bus without compromises. Our company deals with the development and production of the electrical equipment for classic trolleybuses and for trolleybuses with traction batteries (so-called In-Motion-Charging trolleybuses) which can operate part of the route without overhead wires. We provide the electrical equipment and, in cooperation with our partners, completed vehicles also. Trolleybuses which are equipped with Cegelec electrical equipment have outstanding reliability characterized by high operational reliability approaching 100%, high efficiency and low operating costs.

As with trams (and other rail vehicles), we provide electrical equipment for trolleybuses, supervision of the assembly of electrical components and commissioning of the vehicles into service. We provide proposals for turnkey trolleybus transport system solutions, including the calculation of the optimal size of the traction batteries for the particular conditions of each system.

We also supply traction motors, information and diagnostic systems, brake resistors, trolley poles, vehicle heating systems and camera systems, etc.

  • The supply of 70 propulsion systems for Trollino 18 AC trolleybuses for Salzburg

  • The supply of electrical equipment for new trolleybus Ekova Electron 12T

  • The supply of 102 propulsion systems for Bogdan trolleybuses in Crimea

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