Trams and rail vehicles

We deliver traction drives and static converters of various power parameters and master control systems for trams, Stadtbahn, suburban units, and subway cars. The core development is based on the completely new Cegelec Alva product line. It is a modern equipment with microprocessor-based drive control, which is designed as a compact modular system for all sorts of performance application for rolling stock and trolleybuses. For more information about electrical equipment, please visit this link. A new addition to the production program is the custom air conditioner for rolling stock with integrated static converters of the Cegelec Alva-Air line.

We deliver projects by providing electrical equipment for the vehicles, supervision of the assembly of electrical components and commissioning of the vehicles into service. We strive to provide the best possible customer service throughout the lifetime of our products.

Our speciality, together with our partners, is the modernization of older rolling stock. This modernization extends the life of the vehicle for approximately another twenty years but for around one-third of the cost of a new vehicle.

We also provide traction motors, information and diagnostic systems, brake resistors, pantographs, controllers, vehicle heating systems, door control mechanisms and camera systems, etc.

Selected References

  • Supply of electrical equipment for 61 trams Tramino for Leipzig

  • Modernization of 77 trams GT6N for Berlin

  • Modernization of 80 tram M31 for Göteborg

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